Welcome to my blog on the Elgin Marbles

Yes, I know that some friends –especially in Greece- will not agree with my blog being titled like that: well, I cannot please all at the same time!  It was simply a matter of choosing an adequate name and “The Elgin Marbles” looked suitable to me; what is more, if you look intently on the menu on the top of the page you will clearly see that I have devoted some tabs or categories to the greatest building from which all the friezes now at the British Museum in London, originally came: the Parthenon.  A superb construction in its time but a building site that time has not treated well at all…well, time and men.

This blog does not purport to “teach” you new aspects or things relating the Marbles in London nor all the remaining artifacts in mainland Greece; it is rather thought as a tool to help you revise in your studies and faulty memories that some of you may have concerning the marbles.  To this regard, I will write about history, sculpture, the Parthenon friezes (naturally), and most topics which I esteem to be in the environment of this fascinating topic.

It goes without saying that I am not a pundit on the topic; it is more that I read a lot and, for once, wanted to put in order my thoughts regarding the Elgin Marbles in writing while having in mind all of you that do share a passionate feeling towards this most debated bone of contention.

I want to excuse myself for any (gross) errors that you might find in the writings; most of them are entirely due to my lack of depth knowledge on the topic.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Jesús L. Vieites