Should Britain return the Elgin Marbles to Greece?


Just an appetizer to start off the never ending controversy that hits the lines on the media from time to time; in short, the British authorities simply state that the Elgin Marbles must remain in Britain as the sculptures were purchased legally and, what is more, the sculptures on the Parthenon were being destroyed at the time of Lord Elgin’s acquisition.  No other goal than the preservation of such valuable works of art for the world was behind Lord Elgin’s motivation in his pursuit of bringing the artifacts to England at the cost of his own estate while acting so.

It goes without saying that this controversy is a truly bone of contention between the two parties, that is to say, the British claim pure and simple ownership of the Marbles while the Greeks are challenging the UK’s legal ownership with romantic ideas of welcoming back the sculptures to the original places from where they should not have been removed.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  As I said, this is really an extremely important issue in dealing with this troublesome problem and, to my mind, frankly, it seems to be irresoluble.


Author: Jesús L. Vieites

Welcome to my blog! If you are viewing this is because, perhaps, you share the same interest in this issue as I do. Though trained as a teacher (I taught both English and Spanish in the UK) my main concern nowadays is to find any suitable job (either in Spain or abroad) Private classes alone will not suffice and I’ve got to make ends meet. I promise to keep writing in this blog regularly, time and circumstances permitting! Jesús L. Vieites

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