The Classical Period

All national histories are issues which are always brimming with both dark periods in which disastrous events are being hidden by historians, and brilliant pages in the history of the country which are always portrayed as beacons of national pride.

Relevant to our topic, the Classical Period c.500 – 323 BC, lends itself as one of those brilliant pages in which the Arts in all its manifestations are proudly produced and exhibited by the Athenians. The visual arts produce representations of idealised human forms, in what has become known as the Classical style. Architecture strives towards the same ideal, producing works such as the Parthenon with those astoundingly beautiful images created by Pheidias. Philosophy, the performing arts flourish…

It was the beginning of one of the greatest period in humankind.


Author: Jesús L. Vieites

Welcome to my blog! If you are viewing this is because, perhaps, you share the same interest in this issue as I do. Though trained as a teacher (I taught both English and Spanish in the UK) my main concern nowadays is to find any suitable job (either in Spain or abroad) Private classes alone will not suffice and I’ve got to make ends meet. I promise to keep writing in this blog regularly, time and circumstances permitting! Jesús L. Vieites

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