About me

Jesús L. Vieites

Although I have a BA in English Studies by the Universidad de Salamanca and a Proficiency Certificate from Cambridge and have lived in the UK during several periods of time in the past, I am now regretfully unemployed and, consequently –as I need to keep going and do other things until my working situation give a u-turn–, I started to translate, and soon realized I enjoyed it a lot! I realized that I was fully committed to high standards of quality in all projects which I undertook and completed! Due to the nature of the job, I’m trying to keep me up to date with the tools of this profession, and, what is more important to me, my desire to connect with people of different backgrounds and expertise, keeps the flame alive of what is really important nowadays: sharing interests, helping each other to the best of our abilities, and being passionate in what we are doing. Therefore I am an accurate and reliable English to Spanish and Spanish to English translator with a friendly and customer-focused approach who always wants to be in the other party’s shoes to see if everything is satisfactory to my friends’ needs, so if you also need some cultural advice on the Spanish language I can provide you with the help you require. Writing about different issues which I consider to be utterly interesting is another way of expressing myself to the general public, or more particularly, to the demanding public who knows about the things I write!. All is up there for you to see…and criticize! I hope to forge business links in the short term with you.

Sincerely yours,

Jesús L.V